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Pre Move In Coordination

After you have been placed in our system as "Booked", we will not typically contact you until the week of your arrival. In the week of your arrival, you will receive an email from a MedBed Building Manager, or Scrub Shuffler, as we affectionately call them. The email will contain all of the pertinent information regarding your move in. This will include: the lock box code, entry key description, wireless access code, move-in instructions and contact information. If you do not see this email by approximately 3 days before arrival, please contact MedBed.

Move In Preparation

Before traveling to one of our facilities, make sure that you have a set of sheets that will fit the bed and a set of towels for the bathroom. While MedBed provides a lot of things, we do not provide linens (unless rented).

Also, make sure that you have appropriate funds to pay rent if you haven't paid in advance. If you are traveling internationally to get to one of our buildings, PLEASE NOTE THAT CASH MACHINES limit the amount you can withdraw when you arrive. LATE FEES WILL APPLY if we have to wait several days for you to withdraw the appropriate funds. Please plan ahead and bring American Express Traveler's Cheques, or get bank cheques in USD before leaving your country of origin.

Travel and Arrival

Before you travel, make sure that you have researched which airport is the closest to our buildings. Most cities that we have housing in have more than one airport option. We also get very good rates through our travel partner, NetTrav. These rates are typically better than other sites our there due to the fact that MedBed pays to get a discount for our tenants. Taxis are usually the best way to get from the airport to one of our buildings. Please make sure to print directions from the airport to the building you will be going to, though. Cab drivers do not always know the street names.

When you arrive at our buildings, we will rarely be there upon your arrival. After we have received the necessary documentation and payments, we will send you a lockbox letter and code. This lockbox will contain the keys to your apartment and can be unlocked with the code. The description of what the keys do will be in the email that is sent prior to your arrival. Please make sure to rescramble the codes on the lockboxes when you are done with them.

Settling into your Apartment

Around the same time that we send your information email, we notify your flat-mates that you will be coming in. They may or may not be there when you arrive. Please make sure that you move into the correct room in the apartment per your move-in email. This helps us keep things straight. If you are unsure, please call us so we can send you in the right direction.

Before you unpack, please turn on your computer and login to the MedBed website. In your profile, there is a checklist that must be completed within the first 24 hours of your arrival. If this checklist is not completed, we will assume there is nothing to note regarding existing damage or problems. This could lead to a charge to you later, so this is very important. There are instructions for the move-in checklist in your login area.

General Rules

We try to be flexible in all of our apartments, but we must set a few guidelines in order to make sure that everyone has a good experience and stay with us. Because you have flat-mates, we ask that the following guidelines be observed:

1) Please do not leave your personal affects in common areas. Keep common areas clean and free from clutter.
2) Please empty common area garbage cans when full. The cleaning service empties them if they are full, but they only come 2 times a month.
3) Please do not eat or drink in your room. This often leads to spills and carpet damage.
4) Please notify us if anything is not working properly. This includes running toilets and stopped drains. Please do not attempt to fix yourself.
5) Please do not change light-bulbs. We use high-efficiency light bulbs. If you need more light, let us know and we'll make arrangements.
6) Please be aware that we have heating and cooling guidelines. These guidelines are: Summer: Cooling can go to 72degF / Winter: Heating can go to 70degF. Extra degrees down in Summer and up in Winter can be purchased if you would like.
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