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This section describes all of the steps needed to move into one of the MedBed facilities. This will cover everything from how to deal with odd hour move-ins to what to expect on move-in day.

This section will cover what is expected of tenants upon move-out. We will cover all of the move-out details from A-Z in this section so you know what to expect before the time comes for you to leave.

We would love it if nothing ever broke down in our buildings, but it does. This is the fastest and most efficient way for you to let us know that something has broken or isn't working as it should.

You can make Paypal payments to us from this section. Please note that Paypal payments are offered as a convenience and may contain additional Paypal fees.
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CHICAGO - MedBed will make the change to environmentally friendly cleaning products.

CHICAGO - MedBed announces Shop To Earn savings for medical students.

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