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Move Out Coordination

MedBed does its best to coordinate a move-out time with each and every tenant BEFORE they move out of one of our facilities. Please note that from time to time, we are unable to meet with you before you leave and return your security deposit to you at that time. To increase your chances of being able to get your security deposit back BEFORE you leave, we ask that you coordinate with us at least 5 days before your departure.

Move Out Preparation

MedBed is reponsible for all common areas in the building, however, there are a few things you need to do before you leave:

1) You need to clean your room: Vacuum, Dust, Fold Comforters, Stack Pillows & Straighten.
2) Empty your bedroom garbage can into one of the main common cans or outside.
3) Empty your spot in the refrigerator of all perishable goods.
4) Empty all of your kitchen shelves and put non-perishable, non-opened goodes in "Free For All" shelf.
5) If you had a private bathroom, you are responsible to make sure this is tidy for the next person.
6) Make sure you have emptied or thrown out anything that is yours in the bathroom.
7) Do not fill up common area garbage cans. Please take large items to exterior garbage cans.

Potential Fees

Please note that while we do not like to levy fees, sometimes it is necessary. Our general fee schedule is as follows (please note that these fees are "high-end" estimates and actual fees may be lower):

$25 Per item of furniture not returned to its original location before depature.
$75 Not cleaning your room upon departure.
$100 Each additional room used and not cleaned without prior permission.
$150 Extensive carpet damage that can be cleaned.
$500 Extensive carpet damage that cannot be cleaned.
$25 Per missing/damaged item: comforter, pillow, hangars, clothes hamper, alarm clock, desk lamp.
$100 Per missing/damaged item: furniture, small appliances, lamps.
$300 Per damaged major appliance where negligence is demonstrated.

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