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The MedBed Clinical Rotation Finder Application is a free application that allows M3 and M4 medical students to find the elective and core rotations and clerkships they need in the US. We supply this as a free application mostly because we see the hassles that most of our tenants go through on a daily basis and cannot imagine dealing with the issues that they have to deal with.

While we do pull our information from other sites on the web, there is one main difference between us and other sites: WE are in charge of keeping the site up to date. Other sites, like the AAMC website, leave the responsibility for accuracy up to the individual universities who rarely have time to keep things current. We do a link check once a month to ensure that our links are running correctly.

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Rotation Finder is a free application built for medical students to help find away clinical rotations in the US. When you click on a state, you will be taken to a page that lists that state's clerkships along with rotations from adjoining states. While we do check links monthly, we also rely on feedback to let us know when a link has broken. Please report bad links.
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